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I am sure like me, you have noticed the growing capacity of mobile devices, and there greater integration into our lives. In the last month on the iSkoodle discussion board there have been some wonderful exchanges on the topic of iPads . From this conversation this week our digital bytes will focus only on resources, articles and information on this important topic. A special thank you goes out to Mark Dilworth Zürich International School, Kevin Skidemore Bavarian International School and Michael Parr and Sue Wakefield-Gray at ACS Hillingdon who all have kindly opened their doors for visitors from our community to visit their own respective iPad programs over the next few months. We look forward to hearing how your own developments go with iPad and tablet computing integration in your respective schools.

The video below is definitely a promo, but important to share as it does bring up a good point. How as schools are we engaging with one of the most impactful skills “programming” in our own ecosystems. As more and more of our world becomes dependent on digital devices, intelligent softwares and technology, what is our role to prepare our students to be able to participate actively in this growing field. A conversation that in many ways is not in the forefront of many curriculum meetings in our respective schools, is there a disconnect?


 From Our Community!

This is a new feature, were we will share out a lesson, event, or project highlighting integration in school. PLEASE if you have a faculty member or team member you think should be featured have them drop me an email at jmikton@isp.cz and share a link video or paragraph about their project.

A lovely example of collaboration and authentic opportunity to meet an author, here facilitated by Adriaan van der Bergh and a group of 6th graders Google Hang Out with Author Ben Mikaelsen.at the International School of Düsseldorf

From Adriaan” This year our 6th graders read the book “Touching Spirit Bear” by author Ben Mikaelsen in their English Language A class. The students enjoyed the book very much!
On Thursday, 22 February 2013, they had the opportunity of “meeting” the author of this book via a Google HangOut.<Mr. Mikaelsen gave our students a talk entitled “Becoming the Author of your Life” and then they had the opportunity of asking him questions about the book. Our students really enjoyed talking to Mr. Mikaelsen and took away a wide range of positive ideas from this meeting. The video is of the Q & A session after the formal talk. A DVD of the formal talk can be ordered via Mr. Mikaelsen’swebsite.”

Digital Bytes (SPECIAL FOCUS tablet computing)

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Professional Development

DO NOT MISS!!  ACS Cobham  ECIS Tech Conference 14 to 16 March, 2013

Hosted at ACS International Schools the ECIS Tech Conference at Cobham campus, west of London, from 14 to 16 March, 2013.
‘Learning to love the iGeneration – Is education ready to embrace the irresistible IT vision of tomorrow’s classroom.’

Prague Geo Summit at the International School of Prague
The Prague Google Geo Summit

June 1 and 2 2013 at the International School of Prague Czech Republic
The event is an intensive, two-day event where participants get hands-on experience using Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google SketchUp, including a focus on features like Ocean, Mars, Moon and Sky in Google Earth. Sessions are lead by  Google Earth Team staff and Google Certified Teachers and trainers.
For full details and registration go to : http://www.praguegeosummit.org/home

Please remember your links, your thoughts, your resources, your conferences/events are important to this blog if you have something you wish to have featured  drop me a note jmikton@isp.cz a week before the first day of the month, I will make sure it is featured in our April issue edition.

have a good month…

warm regards
John Mikton (Chair ECIS ICT Committee)

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