A new school year begins!

education-908512_1920A new school year always begins with enthusiasm and excitement about new ideas and new colleagues, new students and new challenges. Our TID interest group members have enjoyed a relaxing summer and are ready to hit the ground running for this school year. We’ve been working hard on re-vamping the TID blog in an effort to post more frequently and to provide a starting point for those interested in conversations and developments in educational technology, innovation, and design.

We’ve also created a Twitter hashtag #ecisTID which you can follow and include on your own tweets. We’re getting ready to launch a monthly TID Hangout to discuss relevant topics in the field of educational technology and design. Watch this space for more details on dates for our first hangout.

In other news, we posted earlier that we have been looking for new members. We had an extensive application process in Spring 2016 and a large number of applications and felt we should use that as our pool for this round rather than starting again. We are finalising appointments now and will announce our new members in the coming weeks. We look forward to having a full team again and to a future of great conversations, planning, and sharing with the interest group.

The iSkoodle platform is alive and well. For the time being, continue posting your questions and ideas there. The community is very strong and it’s a great place to have conversations and solicit advice.

ECIS is working on a new platform (which aims to transfer our archive as well), but until that is ready, continue to use iSkoodle.

If you’re not on iSkoodle but would like to be, send an email with the Subject: iSkoodle Account to sashakorniak@ecis.org and you will receive an iSkoodle ID and password.

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